Curriculum Standards

Fostering a sense of wonder and an excitement for learning, our Preschool Programs are hands-on, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate for young children. Our adaptive curriculum is tailored around the State Kindergarten Readiness Assessment, preparing each child to graduate from our Pre-Kindergarten Class ready to meet the expectations of their new Kindergarten teacher.

Our curriculum is designed to explore a new thought provoking theme each week. Teachers follow assessment guidelines and study units to provide developmental and creative activities. Each classroom follows the Bucket Filler Philosophy, where children learn empathy and how to show kindness to one another. Weekly lesson plans are also framed around the Handwriting Without Tears philosophy, as well as the ZooPhonics philosophy. The Webby Dance Company is an ABC staple to our program and inspires students to learn through music and movement.

Within each lesson plan, you can expect your child to experience:

  • Language Development
  • Social Awareness
  • Reading Skills
  • Science
  • Phonics
  • Number Concepts
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music & Movement
  • Large Motor Development
  • Small Motor Development


Our Partnered Programs